Doc's Light Pole

Many of the areas that Lynn and I fish are very dark at night, now granted we have on all the navigation lights, both front and rear, but when faced with landing a big Flathead in the boat it got kind of tough.

Years ago when we started fishing we had the flashlight that was taped to the landing net, it worked but talk about spooking a fish plus you just never had enough light.

We tried the headband light's and those worked real well but again you had to keep taking them on and off or they would loosen up and get out of place.

Hence came the idea of the light pole, this thing works great and is real nice and sturdy.

boatpole.jpg (89344 bytes)

The pole is a 2" PVC with a cap on top

boatpole1.JPG (49822 bytes)

Fits right down into the front seat pedastal

boatpole2.JPG (60495 bytes)


boatpole3.JPG (65073 bytes)

All wiring is down inside the pole for protection from the elements


boatpole4.JPG (80927 bytes)

Plugs right into my trolling panel in the front of the boat


lightswitch.JPG (21309 bytes)

The switch is lighted when on, purchased at Autozone about $3.00, 20 amp,

I used a Dremel tool to recess it into the pipe

light.jpg (51913 bytes)

The light I purchased at Walmart, about $15.00 for it, 55 watt Halogen Flood

lightpole1.JPG (32944 bytes)

When the weather breaks free, today it is 2-27-03 and it is cold and snowy outside

I'll take pictures of this set-up out on the river or the lake so you can see the output of this light


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