Ohio River Rigs

Basically we use only two types of rigs on the Ohio River

both are slip type rigs to allow the catfish to move off with the bait.

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This is your standard slip rig with a 3 oz. egg sinker 12" leader

with a # 8/0 Gamakatsu circle hook. We have used this rig for

years and works well on the river.


In 2003 we are switching over to a different type of river rig

one that I hope will be snagproof, we fish a lot of rock

areas and we lose a lot of rigs.

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This is a modified version of the slip rig, the weight is a Do-it type of weight

in the 3-4-5 ounce versions. So far it has done a great job of not getting hung up on the river bottom, time will tell and I will update this at the end of the 2003 season to see how well this rig works out.It has worked great, the flat type sinker holds well even in high current situations, Lynn likes to put one line out the side of the boat and this weight will hold solid to the bottom.


river breakaway.JPG (12363 bytes)


The breakaway is made by Jeros Tackle Co.Inc.

out of Cartnet N.J. it has three settings. Light, medium, heavy

just put it in one of those and if the weight does get stuck or hung

snap your rod hard a couple of times and it drops the weight

and you just put on another one.

Pretty slick idea and I'm hoping that they work out well.

In 2004 we found out that the Jero's company has no longer any production of the above rig, Man never fails when you get something good they take it off the market.

I'm now fabricating my own release and so far it has worked real well on the river, I'll post pictures.


I used to use the traditional three way rig but abandoned that

rig because it was so hard to get out of the net after you

landed a fish, I may go back to it because of the new design of the Flat Bank sinker, I had used the pyramid type weight for my three way and they always got hung in the net.

Doc Lange


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