My Monster rod holder rack

I built this thing right after I got my Monsters from Steve Douglas, unlike a lot of people I wanted my rods down low so I built a low profile style rod holder, just my choice don't like them up real high off the back of the boat.

At the time that I built this rack I only had four of Steve's Monsters now I have a dozen of them on the boat, six across the back three on each side of the rails in the back and the front of the boat.

The ones across the back are all of his 33 degree style Monsters the ones on the side rails are his combo 0/33 Monsters ideal for drifting.

This thing is built solid as a rock, 3x1boxed 316 Stainless Steel, 1/2x 13 threaded nuts are tig welded in place, they now have covers on them so you don't even see the nuts, brackets that I built are broke and formed S/S and are held in place with Allen head bolts that have covers on them, bases are drilled and tapped into the top of the back deck of the boat, if I want I can remove the eight allen head bolts and the whole rod rack comes off the boat.

During transport of the boat the Bimini top just slides back and fastens to the rod rack and held in place with a large Velcro strap.

Doc Lange 12/23/2009