Lynn's Trophy Bluecat, Us Cats Tournament, West Point, Kentucky


    Ok for the details, the Blue took a 16" Shad head, the Shad was 16" long and I had cut him off just behind the gills, real big as Lynn just dropped it down right behind the boat and let the current carry it behind us. 15 min. had gone by when I noticed the rod tip bounce and I said something to Lynn then the tip just started down and never stopped, Lynn got the rod out of the holder the drag had already broke loose on the reel and the fish headed down river, during this time it was pouring down rain with hale and thunder and lightning, to make things worse two more rods went down, really thought this fish had us wrapped up those I got in the boat both were 5# Blues, they really wanted to make things rough on us as Lynn's Blue was right below the boat.

     Lynn fought that fish for about 30 min. when we got the first look at her about 25 yards behind the boat, she came to the surface and opened her mouth, I went totally crazy as I thought the fish was a 50#, she came up 2 more times just behind the boat and out of reach from the net, each time I'm looking hard for where that circle hook is at, finally she came up right beside the boat, I slipped her head in and she kicked her tail and swam into the net, we brought her along side the boat, I looked down at her and just couldn't believe how big it was, with a combined effort we somehow snapped her out of the water and laid it on the floor of the boat, Time 40 min from when the rod went down, Lynn grabbed the camera and I went freaking nuts.

8/0 Gamakatsu circle hook right in the corner of the mouth.


                                           The pig is in the boat.



In the livewell, I built this tank to hold a few fish, never expected it to hold just one.


    System is on and functional, three sprayers keep water circulating and there is also an air stone in the bottom pumping in air. This female never moved the whole time while in the livewell, I bet that fish was in the livewell in 5 min. I was moving so fast it was unreal she didn't like me too well when I removed her from it for the weigh-in, almost broke my hand as she was spinning around when I pulled her out.

     Then we just started celebrating, I was so stoked up that I should have had a heart attack, I had only seen one other fish that was as big as this one I estimated the fish at 85# so I was real close, to help things out the one rod that we forgot about it then went down and I boated a 31# Blue.

     We were way down river, I had three livewells full and we decided to head to the ramp, boy good thing as the boat was straining to head back to make things worse 6 barges between us and the weigh-in which consumed a huge amount of fuel, to make a long story short we came in on vapors, but plenty of people knew we were low on fuel so everybody said if you run out call us.  I'm a real happy Man and so so proud of Lynn, I have been trying for 6 years to put her on a 50# class fish, guess she got tired of waiting and decided to set the bar just a little steep for the rest of us to catch.

My son Larry holding the fish for some pictures, the old Man is too tired.

Getting ready to release the big girl back into the river, we treated this fish with a lot of TLC it was great seeing her bolt off into the river when we released her, everybody was high fives all around what a thrill for Lynn and I.

    The fish was caught on a large Shad head using Berkley Big game 25# test line with a 50# test leader tied to a Gamakatsu 8/0 circle hook with 20 oz. flat bank sinker with a 6'6" Shakespeare Ugly stick and an ABU 6500 reel.

Blue was 54 inches in length with a 40 inch girth weighted in at 88# and we had to sit the fish directly on the scales baskets were too small.