Drift Socks for Catfishing


I have always used the anchor buckets on the rear of my boat to keep it from swinging back and forth and giving me a little better boat control, I don't like the boat drifting around a whole lot when I'm anchored down, they have done real well over the years.

My best friend Bink Fox made me a set of drift socks for our new boat and so far when I have used them they have locked the boat down solid, I was real surprised with these things as most on the market have weights and all different things on them to get them to open up but Bink did his homework on these things no weights you just throw them out and they open up, made of a real heavy material with heavy straps and stitching, I used an old cast net rope with a S/S d-ring to attach to the drift sock, Bink made another strap that is fastened to the back of the sock and when you get the unit back up near the boat you grab that strap and the drift sock is pulled in backwards emptying all the water out of it. 

Here's a picture of the drift socks in action they are about six feet behind the boat not a lot of wind at this time but you get the idea of how they work, if your interested in a set of these get in contact with me and I'll let you talk to Bink

I'm going to experiment with these a lot this year using them to control the drift of the boat if I'm forced to drift fish in 2009

Doc Lange 2-23-2009