Cumberland River trip 11-13-04

Donnie and I once again made the trip to the Cumberland river. We left Springfield at 11pm on the 12th of November and drove straight to Barkley Dam in Kentucky, we needed to get Skipjack, it poured down rain on us the entire trip down but when we arrived at the dam the rain stopped and it was cold so we bundled up and headed down the hill for Skips.

61Barkley1.jpg (51780 bytes)

During the day this is what Barkley Dam looks like, the gates are closed, as you can see the boats are up right under the gates.

61Barkley.jpg (47631 bytes)

This is the hydro area where we catch Skips using #6 Sabiki Rigs with 2 inch twister tails on them.

My first throw and I felt a slam to my surprise it was a Saugeye, then Donnie catches one, then I here Donnies drag start to sing.

striper.jpg (26083 bytes)

striper1.jpg (49521 bytes)

A striper, we ended up catching only 8 Skips but they were huge, so we loaded back up and headed for the Cumberland River.

The day was cold and windy and Donnie had the hot ticket on these fish, Doc was nothing but his net man, I never leaned back on a fish. We were fishing a primary breakline in about 46 foot of water.

blue.jpg (36512 bytes)

3# Blue

Donsblue26.JPG (45592 bytes)

don26.jpg (43315 bytes)

Then I netted this nice 26.4# Blue, this fish was long and thin

we really thought that it was going to top 40#

Donsblue40.JPG (39071 bytes)

Then I netted this hog, 40# of solid mass unlike the 26 this fish was short

wide and solid.

don.jpg (47338 bytes)

Donnie with a 8# Blue

dscf0010.jpg (38652 bytes)

Donnie finished out the day with this 6# Blue

Day 2

A lot of fun no real big hogs but a lot of nice fish

dscf0011.jpg (38228 bytes)

My first fish of the weekend, 1# Blue


dscf0012.jpg (37027 bytes)

Doc 3# Blue there getting bigger

dscf0013.jpg (37598 bytes)

Donnie 6# Blue


dscf0002.jpg (44329 bytes)

Doc 4# Blue

dscf0003.jpg (38904 bytes)

Donnie 6# Blue



dscf0004.jpg (42537 bytes)

Donnie with a 17# Blue, for Day 2 this was our biggest fish

Day 3

adam.jpg (45318 bytes)

Adam Foster joined us for day 3 but we couldn't put him on a fish.

dscf0005.jpg (35467 bytes)

Blue was pulled right out of those trees behind Donnie

4# Blue

Cheatum blue.jpg (40294 bytes)

Donnie wrestled another Blue 3# out of the trees

dscf0007.jpg (36181 bytes)

Still tight to the trees

Doc 3# Blue

dscf0006.jpg (33230 bytes)

Here's what a hook looks like when it's pulled from a tree with Powerpro line and leader.

dscf0008.jpg (46396 bytes)

Here's a Channelcat, Mother or Father had to be a Flathead as this is not a normal Channels head. Donnie 3#

dscf0009.jpg (40165 bytes)

dscf0019.jpg (30878 bytes)

River looking upriver, beautiful

dscf0001.jpg (38483 bytes)

Our set-up for the river

dscf0020.jpg (37812 bytes)

Docs rods and reels

Rods-Berkley E-Cats #4

Reels-Abu Garcia 6500 and a 7000

30# Big Game Florescent line with 50# leaders

Gamakatsu 8/0 Circle Hooks with 6 oz. lead

dscf0021.jpg (46119 bytes)

Donnie's rods and reels

Rods- Quantum Big cats

Reels-Quantum Big Iron

PowerPro 100# test with 100# Leaders

Gamakatsu 8/0 Circle Hooks with 6 oz. lead

Totals for the weekend

31 Fish total

19 Blues, 1 Channel  2 Saugeye's

1 Striper and 8 Skipjacks

Big Fish Donnie 40#

Total weight 171#

Average weight of the Catfish 8.55#

This was a trip that Donnie and I will remember for a long, long, time

Doc Lange