The Doc Bobber

        There are times when some of the tried and true methods for catching catfish just don't work, during those times then you have to get a little finesse with things to get them to bite.

                   I like using bobbers but with some of the huge baits that we enjoy using  will dunk a normal bobber under the water, so I developed my own river/lake bobber. I wanted to be able to use a 4 oz. weight under the bobber along with the bait.

                    Parts needed:

                    1 pool noodle, your choice of color, make sure it has a hole down the center

                    1 tube of Marine goop

                    For each bobber you will need a closet bar end caps from Lowes ClosetMaid part # 5638



                    1 Pkg. of  soda straws

                     1 drill bit size 3/32"

                      Cordless drill


                   Taking a pool noodle,  Cut your bobber to any length you want my longest one is 8 1/2 inches long, I'm building some 5 inch ones today, take the end caps mark and drill a hole in the center of the end of the caps using a 3/32 drill bit

 This is where your line will feed in and out of the bobber. Take your soda straws and pre fit them, they should fit down in the long section of the end cap,

I like mine to be a bit snug so the straw is not moving around, cut your straw about 1/8" shorter than your bobber.


Insert the straw into one of the end caps and with your Marine Goop put a bead around the star section of the end cap, push the end cap into the end of a noodle and let the unit sit on the end cap for 5 min. After the end cap has had time to set up look down the hole of the noodle and see if the straw is off center

if it is use a pen and center the straw up, then again take Marine goop and apply a bead around the star section of an end cap and slide it into place making sure the straw fits into your end cap. Look down the center of the end cap and confirm that you can see daylight on the other side, if you missed the straw it will be blocked off, I now let the bobbers now sit for 15 min.. after sitting for 15 min. or more I then take a sharp knife and cut an angle around the top of a bobber that way there is no drag on the bobber when you retrieve it to the boat.

this will allow the bobber to be retrieved with little or no resistance. And there you have it a virtually indestructible bobber that a large weight and bait can be floated under. These bobbers cast very well and you can drill a small hole in the side of the bobber to insert a cyalume stick for night fishing it needs to be an 8 inch long stick as it will wrap around the bobber. I use these bobbers on my local lake for drift fishing well behind the boat or for just casting and floating around stumps or snags. Plus they are awesome river bobbers.


Here are some pictures of these Bobbers in action, I drift them and use them to work around structure and timber on the river and lakes you can hang 20oz. of lead under them and they still float but my normal is about 5 oz. on the river and 3oz on the lake

Doc Lange 1-21-2005