Sea Ark Pro Cat 240

While fishing the Cabela's national championship in Henderson, Kentucky they had this boat on display, Lynn fell in love with it, me I didn't pay much attention to it, nice boat, looked like it had plenty of room. So when we got back to the motel room Lynn said she wanted that boat, really I thought she was kidding, five weeks later and this thing is sitting at home, and trust me it was a long five weeks, didn't take much arm twisting to get me to collapse and give in.

She told me to get what I needed for this boat, so we ordered it with the Suzuki DF175 Four Stroke,  Motorguide Wireless 24 volt 75# Thrust,55 inch shaft trolling motor and a galvanized trailer with brakes and LED lighting, has a full windshield with a 52 gallon rear livewell and a 32 gallon round front livewell. Very large front and rear decks with four Captains chairs, also has two folding chairs for the front and rear decks. Has a large anchor storage compartment, bunch of room under each console and a storage compartment beside the rear livewell. The back portion folds up for complete access to the battery's and pumps.

The Humminbird I mounted on top of the all plastic dash, something I was a little disappointed in, the console is all aluminum with a plastic dash dropped and bolted into place, with the Ram mount I was able to support that heavy Lowrance depth finder on the side of the console unit. Has tilt wheel with Sea Star hydraulic steering. The gauges are Faria, speed, rpm, voltage and fuel, switch panel has your basics. The Suzuki control box has a nice feature in the front it has an adjustment screw to make the lever tight or loose suited to your style, really liked that feature.

The four captains chairs are very comfortable and with all the room under the consoles you can stretch your legs out for some very comfortable cruising. The opening between the windshield is huge another plus when you have a bite on the front deck and need to get to it in a hurry, well really it is made for big guys like me to get through without having to turn sideways.

The transition from the main deck to the front deck is really nice, only a small step till you get to the main deck on the front of the boat, the first lid is for the front livewell, second lid is a spacious anchor storage, the main front deck has a 1 inch lip that keeps water from running off the front deck and down the middle of the boat, there are two holes drilled in the corners for the water to drain off the front deck, in time I look for this to be a dirt catcher or a trip hazard as I come from the front to the back, time will tell.

Right in front of the consoles is a large storage area, to hold the Grayline baitwell and buckets with tie downs, I like the grab rails on the sides of the gunnels, as I get older I maybe the only fisherman out there that uses a fall device to keep myself in the boat.

The Suzuki four stroke 175 horse engine is so quite it will take me time to get used to it after owning a Mercury 2 stroke engine, the boat is rated for a 225 but when you look at the weight factor between the 225 vs. the 175 it is about 100# plus the cost of the 225 vs. the 175, plus my good friend Jeremy Leach had drove one of these in Arkansas and told me the 175 was a strong engine and that it would turn the props that the 225 had, as I write this article I'm still working on prop issues for this boat, after getting the GPS units mounted on the boat I found out this prop is too big for this boat, although it has a awesome hole shot I can only get the Suzuki to peak out at 5500 rpm's it needs to be between 5500 and 6100 rpm's my top end speed is getting scrubbed off, I'm shooting for 6000 rpm's and that is with a full tank of fuel in the boat, per Suzuki I need to get it at 6000 with a fuel tank and an empty boat, they are sending another prop next week, 24 footer seems to be a bit nose heavy but is real smooth when you get it going, This prop is a 3 X 14.5 X 27

11-30-08 Doc Lange

Today is 12 20-08 and this is the first decent day that I have been able to get the boat out on the lake and test out the new prop this prop is a 3 X 16 X 23 and boy did it make the difference in the boat, still jumps out of the hole but it really lifts the nose up fast and the top end is 52.1 mph glad that issue is handled now it is time to get the rod holders mounted to the boat and get ready for some winter fishing.

12-20-2008 Doc Lange

Well we finally got a break in the weather here in Ohio, I've been working on the new boat off and on since the first of the year but I lost all of January and part of February due to ice and snow a foot deep, we got warmer weather and rain last week now all the white stuff is gone.

Had to work Saturday but today I worked most of the day on the boat, 32 degrees but wasn't too bad when the sun came out.

Put the flooring down on the deck Lynn likes to fish barefooted and I'll fish with socks on and that treaded floor would be tough on the toes, so put these mats down that I got off the internet, EVA foam pads that are weather and waterproof, they interlock together not glued down or anything 3/8" thick and they are 2' X 2' each, if we tear one up just pull it and put a new one in it's place, and the fish will be nice and comfortable when we lay them down on the deck, I think I'm really gonna like them, turned out real well. Didn't want a solid color wanted to break it up some so this is what I came up with.

After I got the floor down then I mounted and I wired in the new switch unit that will control my big livewell. The panel was plain like this from SeaArk.

Here's what it looks like today after installation, this unit is going to power just the tournament livewell, air pumps and the Akwa-Lung plus a pump out pump I have a Master switch in case I have to shut down the whole thing plus an extra switch for future stuff the whole unit has a dedicated deep cell battery.

I found out from Suzuki that my motor has a built in battery isolator and since I use a Perko switch they told me how to wire it up so if this battery gets low the engine will put a charge to it so it will monitor my starting battery and this deep cell.

The countdown has started only three weeks till our first tournament and I'm going to be pushing it to get the boat ready for that tournament, still have to mount the livewell and fabricate and mount the rod rack for the boat and if the weather will stay decent I just may make it.

Doc Lange 2-15-2009