In Thanksgiving of 2008 we purchased a new 2009 SeaArk ProCat 24 foot boat and trying to find someone to build a cover for this thing without breaking the bank was a bit tough.

My best friend James Fox works for Advantage tent and he said that they could build me anything I wanted so a bunch of e-mails with measurements and a trip to his shop and they fabricated a cover that will last the lifetime of this boat.


 I'm very pleased with what they came up with, I wanted all the straps so that the cover would not lift during high winds and heavy downpours, you just start at the back of the boat cover that huge motor first and roll the cover forward and tighten straps as I go in the center are three buckets fastened together so that rain gets a good run down the cover and not pool up takes me about 10 minutes to put the thing on by myself. if you ever need a cover for anything you can contact them at tell them Doc sent you.

Doc Lange 2-19-2009